The Space

Colmore Business Improvement District (Colmore BID) is leading a unique study on The Future Business District both to inform the BID’s response to long term recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and to offer policy directions on best practice for this and other central business districts in the UK.

The study sets out to answer two fundamental questions:

What is the likely long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on city centre business districts?

How can we ensure they remain successful as places to attract businesses and people and contribute to vibrant city centres?

Latest News and Blogs

The Media section includes a series of blogposts on a number of issues and themes that have been covered during the course of the Study. 

These posts, from members of the research and project teams, provide an insight into our thinking and the data and opinions that have been shared with us. They help to shape the research report and our response. 

You will also find all the news releases that have been distributed as part of the Future Business District.

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